Weekly Update – Combat system

Weekly Update – Combat system

We released the combat system test build for merchant patrons.

This combat system is meant be the core for all the related combat stuff, and since we plan to add the option to capture monsters we thought a true combat would fit better our style, from now we plan to expand upon it first adding rape functionalities and later the capture itself, also monsters will not fight with swords XP

—- Tester Build —-

Cheers ;D

MonstroiD and help with testing!

MonstroiD and help with testing!

Hello guys!    Today i’m bringing some good news to you. Don’t know if you remember but Kiro-san, he was mean’t to join the team in the past, but all that mess happened and these plans get completely cancelled. So he still wanted to keep at the team but sadly, his PC is to shit to work with me on AMB (and DON’T WORRY! I will not ask you more money, consider this as a extra content) so we got an idea: he will be incharge of a game by himself, focused on things that are kept away in AMB, like combat, spells and stealth, and this game will be based on AMB lore. This means that some things that AMB does not explain about it’s story, Monstroid will care about it, making it “complete”, like some games DLC does. If he manages to make it work, we are going to merge what he makes in AMB, and have only one game. To speed things up for him, i’m sharing low poly versions of the AMB assets with him, so he will be able to focus mostly on coding and get things done.

“So, there is something about the game already?”  There is, but right now he need some people to test deeply his prototype in real time, with things like lighthing, overhead, scene management and so on, more things focused on performance and bug hunting, since his PC is a potato, he can’t have a good idea about performance cause everything is very heavy and slow on his side so he needs someone to just give feedback about performance in general how many fps and if finds any bugs.  Easy stuff, since i’m working on AMB, i can’t do this for him, so if any of you want to help with this  please enter on LORe Discord and send a message anywhere there and we will answer you (probably him will answer you :P), also remember his prototype is very very VERY early for now, it only has some level design for now, but this help is very important, because without this kind of help he will not be able to know if a scene is too heavy and so on.
The temporary name for this project is going to be MonstroiD: Ascencion (the story explain about this name xD). It will contain a lot of sexual content, but it will be more focused on action (and some building stuff), instead of breeding and/or simulation like AMB.

Doesn’t matter if you are a patreon or not any help with testing is welcome. A “official temporary” tester will receive a status of Tester in Discord, and he will just call and need maybe one, two or more testers for now. If we get too much Testers for MonstroiD, we will lost too much time checking every tester report cold be a problem, you know.

Animations and a lot of trainning!

Animations and a lot of trainning!

Hello guys, first i was unable to release the build this month mostly because i had to seek more freelance jobs, and I was short on time to work on the game, so i will re- enable the payment i thought i would be able to handle without this money but sadly i was mistaken, it is the only way or i will need to seek another job and the project will slowly die, this month i thought about ending the project, but some friends encouraged me to not give up yet, and that’s what im gonna do, with this money i will seek less side works, i hope you understand.

why not release what i have ready? mostly beacause it is not playable, a sex game need sex animations and i’m super shit on it but i’m getting better i take a good time to train this month, and i believe this will help things

take a look at some work i made


im also made the definitive male model he is already in game and improved the speed up day time system, i was having problem with the sound not speeding together but it is mostly fixed now.

i hope you understand.

Cheers ;D

Designs and rethinking the game!

Designs and rethinking the game!

this is a quick update about what happened and what will happen from now on, i’ve used this month mostly for reshaping the designs i had, some of you may not know but most of the design stuff i had for amb was made by my former teamate jack, and i don’t think it’s fair to use his ideas, but u may ask for me to be more specific on what kind of designs i’ve been remaking, well i worked mosty on monster species name and stats, system ideas, and on some random 3d assets, so not much stuff to show.
Now for the important part, the plan is to release a new build on august, still if i fail to release it, the current patrons will NOT be charged again on the end of august, so dont need to worry, i think it was all i wanted to say.
1.Project is alive, and im working on it.
2.new build planned for his month.
3.if no new build is released no charging on you.
Well, thank you all!
;D cheers
Jack- See y’all later, GTTWP!

Jack- See y’all later, GTTWP!

GTTWP = “Gone to the Wylde Plains”
Well everyone, this is my last post as the offical co-creator of AMB and team member of LoRe.

I must say, while we’ve had our ups and downs here on the team, I didn’t want this day to come, but I’m glad it did.

By the time you’ve read this I’ll be offically starting as Creator of the monster breeding game called Wranglers of the Wylde Plains which will be a spiritual successor to this gane Adventurous Monster Breeder but with some major diffrences.

Kendel and I’ve explained our reason for this in his patreon post and my video post as a repose to that which I’ll link below.
I will say this, I whole heartly enjoyed being a member of the team and working with Kendel and his team, and I will still offer my help to them at any time that I can in the future. ^_^

I will also continue to help you fans for AMB as best as always, but once again as just a fellow fan too.

I wish Kendel and his team the best as they work to continue finishing Amb 4.0 and I hope those who can support both games will benifit from our decision to split the team and without any hard feelings.

I’ll still come any round sometimes just to hang out to, and I hope you guys can do the same with my WotWP comunity too should you wish.
Anyway this has been Jack the “#1″ fan of AMB and former co-creator” of AMB saying…


Sorry… just had to do that! XP

See y’all next time! 😛 
Kendel’s post about the team split:  http://www.patreon.com/posts/12246443

My video reaponding to Kendel’s post: https://youtu.be/szkIrCV1dSc

Offical WotWP Patreon Page: 

P.S.: I’ll still do the WtfmPCo and that planed AMB tutorial series that I did here for AMB, but I’ll move those post to another blog site or something unless kendel gives me permission to post those here still. 😉